Welcome To ExSciton

ExSciton nurtures scientific curiosity in Students. When they seek knowledge about the world around them, ExSciton guides them towards a better understanding of countless existing phenomena. At ExSciton, we believe in an ‘engaged learning’ approach where we encourage students to observe their surroundings, ask more and more questions, experiment and communicate their key learnings with their peers. The curriculum at ExSciton is aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and we integrate a variety of learning methodologies in our classrooms for a better understanding. We have four levels of curriculum designed to fit students from Kindergarten through Middle School. We also prepare our Students for competitive events such as MIT Science bowl, etc. We aspire to create future scientists who will play pivotal roles in changing the world.

Our Team

Subrata Chandra

Subrata Chandra is a PhD student of Chemistry in University of Massachusetts Lowell. He did his Masters from IIT Hyderabad and undergraduate from University of Kolkata.


Siva is healthcare research scientist with expertise in various fields including data science, data security, and engineering design. Siva did his PhD from Purdue University and undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Chennai.


Madhuresh is employing systems biology and experiments with computational modeling and mathematical approaches to enhance precision, predictability and productivity in biotech industry. Madhuresh did his PhD from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and undergraduate from Indian Institute for Science Education and Research.

Trina Overgaard Toups

Trina Overgaard Toups has been tutoring individual students and teaching small groups for over 15 years. Her background includes a master's degree in Physical Chemistry, and experience teaching general earth and environmental science, biology and chemistry to students from ages 7-18. Trina brings an enthusiasm for science learning and experience with children of many ages and abilities.